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Summit Distribution is a leader in forging relationships with local producers throughout the State of Montana to bring their products to local markets, restaurants, resorts, institutions and facilities; connecting our customers to sustainable, humane, ethical and local foods. Our customers will know that we also forage for the most reliable, creative, specialty products exceeding their expectations in customer service. We are your local connection.

With Summit Distribution there are no minimums orders! 

The Product

Sourced by Chefs and leaders in locally sourced products 

Montana Sourced Beef
Finest Sourced Seafoods
Game Meats of the west

Beef sourced from Montana whether you are looking for a highly marbled Wagyu style, Grass Fed, corn finish, or single ranch sourced, we are your connection to all things BEEF

We work closely with ranchers and processors not only sourcing but also facilitating their distribution of products all across Montana. So should you need a custom blend burger, or just need to get your 4H auction custom cut product back to your freezer we can make that happen. 


Fresh seafood sourced both domestic and international, Summit Distribution works with vendors in Alaska, Seattle, Boston, the Gulf of Mexico, New Zealand, and the beautiful waters of Hawaii.  Whether its a beautiful piece of fresh wild Alaskan Salmon to cook, or your finest slice of sashimi grade Tuna for sushi we can fulfill your needs.  Your local fish mongers are Drew Harbour and Bill Kurtti, combined they have 40 plus years experience in the wholesale and retail seafood industry.  Not only do we specialize in fresh seafood, but we have access to over 450 plus frozen seafood items, including wild Shrimp in all sizes, all varieties of Crab, and Maine Lobster.



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We bring to you locally sourced Montana Tribal Bison, of which we have a wide diversity of bison cuts available year round!


We also have Elk, Cervena Elk from New Zealand, Cervena is latin for deer, and is a brand name representing a high quality of ABF, naturally raised animals, 3 years and younger. 


We also stock a variety of other game meats including fowl, such as Pheasants, Quail, Montana Duck, Montana Turkeys and Geese!

All Montana Beef

We have the largest selection of beef cuts from Montana - whether it Wagyu, Grassfed, Ranch Sourced, or just great Montana Beef. Below is a list of Cuts we Stock:

Tenderloin Primal 189A

Ribeye Primal

Bone In Ribeye Primal


Strip Loins


Short Ribs 2" wide  x 3 bone

Sirloin Primal

Bavette Bottom Sirloin

Coulotte Steak - Top Sirloin 

Flat Iron



Hanger (limited avail)

Eye  Of Round

Shoulder Clod or Clod Heart or Arm Roast

Tri - Tip

Denver or Zabuton

Beef Fat and Beef Trim 

Beef Bones - Sliced Knuckles, Marrow, Split Marrows, Rib Bones

Beef Steamships (special order - 1 week)

Osso Bucco

Beef Rack of Ribs 

Korean Ribs (Kalbi)

Beef Tongue, Liver and Heart

Beef Ground Bulk 1# and 5#

Beef Patties - 4/1  3/1  2/1

Ask about custom blends!

Pork All Natural Montana

We have the largest inventory of freshly source all Montana Natural Pork from the Glacier Hutterite Colony in Sweetwater Montana

We offer these cuts and many more: 

Pork Prime Rib, 10 bone Rack

Boneless Pork Loin

Pork Porterhouse Chops

Boneless Shoulder

Bone in Butts

Baby Back Ribs

St Louis Ribs

Spare Ribs

Pork Wings

Pork Tenderloins

Ground Pork 1#, 5#

Breakfast Sausage Patties 5/1

Pork Southern Style Sausage 1#, 5#

Chorizo Bulk 5#, and Links

Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk and Links

Breakfast Links - 1# and 5#

Bacon Thick and Thin Cut 1# and 5#

Boneless Hams, Hamlets

Hocks - Smoked and Raw

Pork Osso Bucco

Pork Belly & Slab Bacon

Pork Steamship

Pork Cheeks/Jowls

Brahts - Andoulli, Bratwurst, Beer, Cheddarwurst

Pork Fat and Trim and Pork Bones

Cured Meats and Cheeses

Summit Distribution is please to be able to source several charcuteries, some locally made such as Artisan Charcuterie.

Currently Available we offer by the 6 or 12 pack sticks of Saucisson Sec, Salametti, Chorizo, and Orange Peel & Wild Fennel 

 Creminelli from Salt Lake City, Utah brings us a wide selection of Deli Meats to Fresh Snacks and Artisan Salamis 

Currently Available we offer several options such as Calabrese, Coppa, Mortadella and Sliced 6/12oz Prosciutto

Local Montana and Other Great Cheeses

We have in stock all of the remaining cheese produced this year at Poor Orphan - Bumble and Twyst - In Bulk. 

From Carr Valley We Stock their Mobay a mixture of sheep and goats milk and so so smooth and creamy 

Red Dragon is a Y-Fenni cheese which is a variety of Welsh cheese, consisting of Cheddar cheese blended with mustard seed and ale

When selling as many burgers as we do, sliced cheese is a must, we stock Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack

From Flathead Lake Montana we have Cheese Curds, Gouda, Feta and they are fantastic!

A Dutch Blue Cheese Rosenborg - offers great diversity with nutty aromas and tangy sourdough


Summit Distribution is pleased to be able to offer over 150 kinds of natural, organic and specialty beverages! We have many in stock or available to you, within 7 business days! Including bar mixers such as Dry Soda, Q Tonic, Fever Tree, and natural or organic energy drinks. We also offer bottled water such as Fiji, TEN Spring Water, VOSS, Boxed Water, Essentia 

Grains Lentils Flours pantry

Summit Distribution stocks an ever growing range of pantry products for the discerning culinarian. Whether you are looking for locally sourced lentils from Timeless Natural Foods,  Flours from Wheat Montana along with many other items as listed below!


  • Wheat Flour - Montana Wheat

  • AP Flour - Montana Wheat

  • Pizza Flour 00 - Caputo

bob's red mill

  • GF Steel Cut Oats - 25#, 4/24oz

  • Rolled Oats - 25#, 4/24oz

  • Tapioca Flour - 25#, 4/24oz

  • Rice Flour, White & Brown - 25#, 4/24oz

  • Oat Flour 

  • Coconut Flour

  • GF Pastry Flour

  • Corn Masa

  • Pancake Mix 25#

  • Cereal 10 Grain 25#

  • Cornmeals - Fine/Medium, Coarse

Seasoning Herbs and spices

Click The Logo to See the List! 


Specialty Sauces, vinegar,and canned goods

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